Managing medications
just got easier!

SynchronyRx@HOME is your source for your maintenance medications and most specialty medications

  • Convenient, confidential, & temperature-controlled direct delivery
  • Automatic refill services
  • Pharmacist available 24/7 to answer any clinical questions
  • Discounted rates for medications from Synchrony Pharmacy

A Customized Medication
Delivery System

  • Sorted and packaged by time of day
  • Delivered right to your door
  • Easy open packaging

PackEDGE is so simple!

WE CONTACT your physician to obtain your prescriptions

WE SCHEDULE your automatic refills, saving your time


WE PACKAGE your medication by time of day and ship to you


WE’RE AVAILABLE with 24/7 support for any medication needs

Why Choose PackEDGE?


The right medication and dose, at the right time.

Our PackEDGE packaging supports medication adherence. This easy-to-use packaging is proven to reduce missed doses, as the medication is packaged in an easy-to-use strip pack that is clearly marked with the medication name, strength, and directions for use.

  1.   Icon for Time of Day to Take
  2.   Day and Date
  3.   Name of Person
  4.   Medication Information

Automatic Refills. Free Delivery.

We monitor and manage your refills with your doctors so you always have the medications you need. We will send you your medications every 30 or 90 days. Medications are delivered directly to your home. No more waiting in line at the pharmacy!

Getting started is easy!

Have multiple prescriptions and want to enroll? Here’s what you need to have on hand to get started:

  • A list of your medications and prescribers
  • Your current pharmacy location
  • Billing and insurance information

Speak with a pharmacy team member

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